Are Brochures Still Effective in the Digital Age?

The rise of smartphones has put social media marketing and digital advertising, quite literally, in our hands.

These high-tech and modern advertising methods have taken centre stage, but their hold is slowly lessening as information channels becomes saturated with low-cost, poor quality communications. The world of digital is so competitive; brands are shouting to be heard and, sometimes, we need a break. Direct mail marketing is enjoying a resurgence of late as we turn away from our screens for a little quality time. A marketing brochure is particularly useful as a novelty in the digital age, standing out from the competition and entering the home of your audience. Likewise, they can even benefit your company networking events, while still being cost-effective.

Why should I use a marketing brochure?

Marketing brochures

Brochures, or catalogues, are, essentially, handy booklets with information on your business. While that same information is online, to have the details on hand helps in recalling your company should you ever need a particular product or service in your market.

Reaches your audience

A marketing brochure is guaranteed to reach your target audience, as long as you have their correct contact details and address. Certainly, you can specifically target your prospects online, but even those ads could go unseen or largely ignored. However, you can place your brochure through the door of those you believe could convert into customers, and the potential is unrivalled. For example, think of how many takeaway menus you receive each day, detailing the venues within your area. The tangible marketing is much more memorable, evident in how many of us reach for the menu when we don’t want to cook.

We also touched on the possibilities of a marketing brochure when networking. While most networking events involve general chit-chat and getting to know the attendees, your mail marketing can ensure you stay in the mind of guests. The tangibility of your marketing brochure means they already know a little about your business, encouraging them to recall your brand when requiring services within your marketing.

Unique interaction

We’ve lost the fun of touching and interacting with the brand in the age of the internet. The amount of information available on the web is staggering – enough to give someone several migraines. However, a marketing brochure is something that can be read, passed on to colleagues or stored if particularly high-quality.

Having a company’s brochure means so much more than searching for information online. Not only does it demonstrate that you are a valued prospect, but it deepens engagement and encourages attention. You only need to read the information and perhaps keep it in the draw, rather than scour the web for an individual article or page etc. Plus, there’s nothing better than the smell of freshly printed paper – maybe that’s just us…

High-quality branding

As a UK mailing house, we have seen a range of clients pass through our doors looking for marketing help in regards to their campaign. In our experience, high-quality printing encourages consumers to pick up your direct mailing and read your message. You should always look to boost your direct mail marketing with premium printing services. If it looks like you have put time and effort into producing personalised direct mail for your audience, you will see a significant increase in response rate.

While you should ‘never judge a book by its cover’, your consumers will. If they are handed a glossy, luxurious marvel – there’s more chance they’ll keep the direct mail, and associate with your brand with all of the connotations. First impressions do count, and excellent print and mail services will spell the difference between success and failure.


Of course, budget is at the forefront of all minds. Luckily, marketing brochures are relatively cost-effective and, if produced correctly, can enjoy a very long lifespan. Online advertising can cost thousands per month, but the likes of litho printing can provide bulk mailing at a fraction of the cost. Similarly, you can deliver the brochures by hand, or use the bulk postage discounts available at most mailing companies to ensure your campaign ends up in the hand of your consumers.

What should I include in my marketing brochure?

Marketing brochure printing

Well, we are glad you asked. Over the years, we’ve branched out with our core direct mail services, including design, copy and print finishing – all crucial components of your mail marketing.

Know your consumer

This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. You must know who you’re targeting. If not, you might as well throw your money away (literally). Ask yourself: who is interested in your products? What can your services do for them? What problem can you solve? Is this valuable and of interest? Use your answers to get the most out of your advertising mail.

Use relevant images

Yes, your team looks fantastic but are your faces worthy of the front cover? Probably not. Instead, utilise the two seconds you have to grab your reader’s attention with a particular product or service of interest. Your images should encourage the consumer to interact with your brand, playing on their emotions. You should also make sure they are high-quality, clean and look professional, which many mailing houses should be able to aid with.

Persuasive copy

Your ultimate objective is to sell your product or service, so you must be persuasive. Before you begin copywriting for your direct mailing, think about the benefits and what your company has to offer. Keep the information concise and clear, possibly using bullet points to highlight key information.


We all love a discount, and it stands to reason you prospects also do. You should always provide an incentive for your consumer to buy into your products above your competitors, and a discount works well. Place the offer front and centre within your advertising mail, with next steps to receiving the offer and building the relationship between them and your brand.


As a UK direct mail company with years in the trade, we’ve come across features that only serve to enhance your mail marketing. A quick checklist has proved wholly successful in the past. For example, a ten point checklist on why your consumer may need a new roof, or car etc. At the end, you can then offer a solution to their problem, encouraging interaction and revenue.

Print finishing

As mentioned above, the print finishing for your marketing brochure can significantly increase responses. From bindery print finishing to decorative techniques, such as laminating, coating and gloss – you should always consider print and mail services. To put it in perspective, the average home receives around 16 pieces of direct mail marketing each week. Your catalogue stands a better chance of being read with premium printing quality.

Ultimately, a marketing brochure will only improve your consumer engagement and ROI. You can speak to a member of our team for direct mail printing, copy or design and we’ll share all of our tips and tricks.

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