Advantages of Using Personalised Direct Mail to Improve Your Business

Personalised direct mail is one of the best practices when it comes to direct mail marketing campaigns, and it’s easy to see why.

Personalisation with direct mail builds trust between you and the consumer; people believe you are taking the time to understand them and sell to them, rather than at them with very generic methods. Due to this, you should start to see an increase in revenue.

It benefits you to target your audience individually, and you can do this with speaking to them by name. You can even include information relevant to their life, found via personalised data. In the age of social media and sophistication, you should produce direct mail campaigns with personalisation in mind.

Creating a one-to-one dynamic with a recipient builds trust, encourages brand loyalty and ultimately results in a successful engagement with the campaign. Personalisation has become the norm to some extent. Therefore, direct mail agencies and mailing houses are having to find new and innovative ways to ensure their personalised mail packs stand out and get the required attention. Further to our piece about marketing copywriting, let’s explore the importance of including personalisation in direct mail.

Personalised Direct Mail Marketing

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The Superpower of Personalised Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing has long been used to attract a wider audience. Direct mailing services remains one of the key strategies in marketing plans for many businesses, and when done right, you should see an increase in profits.

1) Build Trust

Speaking directly to your targeted customer builds trust. For your direct mail to succeed, it must be relevant to the consumer and add value to their life. You are more likely to gain customer loyalty if you address them by name and take time to research their needs. You can find this data from your own CRM and various other external tools to personalise the experience.

2) Increase Responses

In the past, we have all received a letter directed at the ‘householder’ or ‘occupier’ and, more often than not, mail addressed this way is thrown out. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it), that mail personally directed at the recipient increases engagement. If you have a new product launching or would like to reiterate your services, personalised direct mail marketing is the route you should take.

3) Maximise Revenue

Personalised direct mail is created with one target in mind: revenue. However, to increase profit, you need to create direct mail campaigns with your targeted customer in mind. According to a recent survey, 84% of customers confirmed they would no longer buy from a company if they didn’t take into account their purchase history and their preferences of what to be sold. You can no longer risk isolating your customers – it, quite literally, pays to treat your prospects uniquely.

Levels of Personalisation

As a mailing house, we understand the importance of speaking to your consumers – it’s our job, after all. Personalisation isn’t simply about adding a name or address to a letter. Your marketing campaign should include other information specific to the customer. This additional information can include pricing range, product recommendations, personalised offers or history of custom. It can be used in large sections of text as well as in the headers.

There are many elements of a mail pack that can be personalised within headings or the main text including:

  • Name, address and salutation
  • Pricing offers: based on affordability of recipient
  • Product recommendations: based on recipient’s previous purchases
  • Imagery: include product images that most appeal to recipient, based on demographic information or purchase history.
  • Purchase history: refer to previous purchases in the text
  • Vouchers: personalised vouchers with recipient’s details on and targeted based on purchase history.

Essentially, every element of a direct mail campaign can be personalised. However, you must consider the data quality. Data is even more important in the age of the GDPR, and ‘dirty data’ can actually see severe repercussions. You must keep your customer data clean, relevant and accurate. You can find more information on the GDPR here.

How to Personalise Your Direct Mail?

As you have opted for a personalised campaign, it’s important to do your research. Personalised direct mail marketing can take many forms, most relatively cheap and guaranteed to build up your customer database.


Your existing consumer data is key to lead generation and, subsequently, personalisation at a higher level. To include personalisation in text, with imagery or any other element; data must be segmented. Therefore, you can target your audience through smaller demographics, suggesting more relevant services.

Address customers by name

As mentioned earlier, the most simple direct mail campaign includes your audience’s name and even address. You will, most likely, have access to this data and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using this information to its full potential. If you only have limited information on your prospects, marketing data companies can match up your existing data to fill in the gaps.

Offer Unique Promotions

Take the example Tesco use for their Clubcard members and apply it to your mail campaign. When a customer buys something and uses their Clubcard during the purchase, this data is fed into Tesco’s database. The supermarket then uses this information to send out specific offers, relevant to the products the consumer typically buys. This personalisation excludes content that may not be relevant to the consumer and leaves them believing the shop understands their purchasing needs. This relates back to our earlier point, as the personalisation of products strengthens the relationship between brand and customer, therefore increasing consumer loyalty.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing allows for the printing material to be changed during the actually printing service. The print house can change both the text and imagery. The benefit, of course, is that each direct mailing piece can be different and specific to the individual recipient.

More and more targeted customers are coming around to the idea that to receive these personalised offers, corporations need their data. If you have it, use it wisely and reap the rewards. At WDM, we offer a range of personalised direct mail services, designed to reach a wider audience and maximise product. Get in touch with one of our team if you would like even more information on our offerings.

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