Why use a Mailing House or Mailing Company?

Direct mail marketing is still widely used within the marketing industry and is one of the most effective methods of communicating your services and products to your brand.

In our digital world, businesses may shy away from mail services, but the stats prove how valuable it still is. Your business needs to be reaping the rewards of direct mail.

A mailing company, or mailing house, is a one-stop-shop business that looks after the data, design, print, print finishing, mail, and postage services of a client. Mailing houses like WDM are typically used for their fast turnaround, high quality and economies-of-scale deals. In many cases a mailing house can do the whole job for the same price as you can get just the postage. This, and access to expert knowledge, is why you should try outsourcing to a mailing house.

Here, we’ll cover the benefits of using a mailing company like WDM.

Financial and time savings

There are a lot of costs to consider if producing your direct mail marketing in-house, including:

  • High-quality printing and finishing machinery such as:
    • digital and litho presses
    • booklet makers
    • binders
    • folders
    • cutters
    • polywrappers
    • envelope enclosure machinery
    • The cost of staff labour
    • Postage costs

This makes in-house direct mail marketing expensive, but many of these costs will be absorbed by outsourcing to a mailing company. WDM has all the best equipment, highly skilled employees, and will design your items with mail in mind, meaning you get the best postage deals.

As well as saving on cost, you’ll also save huge amounts of time by outsourcing direct mail production. Your employees can focus on strategies and campaigns instead of spending hours producing print products in-house.

Data validation and cleansing

While it’s best practice to provide clean data when dealing with a mailing house, one of our biggest value-add services is cleansing your data. We can remove bad records, improve incomplete records, and refresh outdated ones. This will allow you to maximise your investment in your mailing campaign by reducing waste and reaching more people.

Experts in what we do

Our staff are experts in the trade. We will find the best rates and mailing services to help you produce a successful marketing campaign. We will also be able to provide tips and tricks, and offer full end-to-end data, design, print, print finishing, mailing, and postage services. Equally, you can pick and choose which services you require.

Defined service level agreements (SLA)

Most UK mailing companies will operate on an SLA basis for regular standards of work. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can rely on outsourced print and mail services to hit your deadlines.

Wide range of services

Depending on your choice, there is a range of direct mail services offered today. We always recommend discussing your objectives and aims before going ahead so your mailing partner can make expert recommendations on the services that would work best.

Personalised digital printing

If anything signifies the evolution of direct mail marketing, it’s personalised direct mail. If you opt to use a mailing company, they can make each individual mail piece personalised with variable text and imagery in mono of full colour. This can be done to any direct marketing campaign – whether dozens or even millions. When this service is combined with personalised digital advertising, it creates an especially powerful marketing strategy.

Automated enclosing options

This is a staple of the trade, involving the automated filling and sealing of an envelope. At WDM, we cater for all envelope sizes.

We offer multiple enclosing options:

• Multiple insert enclosing – personalised or generic we can automate the enclosing of multiple documents and inserts to the same envelope. Weigh checked for accuracy.
• Generic item enclosing – usually into a personalised non-window envelope, or generic items with a personalised letter into a window envelope.
• Matched enclosing – personalised multi-paged letters that are matched by a 2D or QR barcode for 100% pack accuracy.
• Selective insert enclosing – personalised single or multi-paged letters enclosed with inserts that can vary per pack, data and barcode driven allowing the machine to select different inserts in each pack. Combined with complex document creation this allows multiple jobs to be combined and enclosed on the same line, saving on postage costs.
• Polywrapping – a version of automated enclosing that “wraps” the items in transparent or opaque polythene, providing waterproof properties and a unique look.

Print finishing

Print finishing improves the overall look and feel of your marketing. This service comes as standard and includes:

• Folding
• Booklet Making
• Laminating – Gloss, Matt and Soft Touch
• Gloss, matt, and silk paper finishes
• Die-cutting – Shapes, Creasing and Perforated lines
• Embossing
• Binding
• Glueing
• Foiling

MailMark reporting

Quality mailing companies, including WDM, will be registered as a Royal Mail MailMark partner. This generates valuable reports on your deliveries, including expected arrival dates and delivery confirmation and success rates.

Direct mail fulfilment

At WDM, there are several methods of fulfilment. We can offer important services like barcode read enclosing (also known as intelligent enclosing), which will ensure the integrity of your package and help you fulfil your GDPR obligations.

Who uses direct mail?

Huge businesses – even those that are fully digital – use direct mail, with everyone from Facebook to Google utilising the communication tool. A huge variety of companies use Washington Direct Mail’s direct mail services, recognising they need external knowledge and specialist equipment. We often work with – but we’re not limited to – the following roles:

• Heads of marketing, CMOs, and marketing directors
• Internal marketing teams
• Business owners/marketing directors

Quality guaranteed

You should always look for ISO certifications and industry accreditation. In addition, mailing houses should supply previous customer testimonials, Trustpilot scores, and customer references to prove their quality to you. WDM holds the following accreditations:

• Direct Marketing Association (DMA) member
• Royal Mail MailMark partner
• British Print Industry Federation (BPIF) member
• ISO9001 certification
• ISO14001 certification
• ISO45001 certification
• ISO27001 certification

Getting the most out of your mailing campaign begins with preparing a brief and clearly defining your objectives and goals. Ask advice from others within your industry as to whether they have used direct marketing services before, and which mailing houses to use. Similarly, confirm the abilities of the company and if they can meet the deadlines.

Proud to be an ISO certified business

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  • ISO14001:2015


  • ISO45001:2018

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