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Here at Washington Direct Mail, we ensure that our mailing practices are aligned with the current emphasis on environmental conservation.

Proud to be an ISO certified business

  • ISO27001:2013

    Data Security & Business Continuity

  • ISO9001:2015


  • ISO14001:2015


  • ISO45001:2018

    Health & Safety


Certificate Number 10515

We strive to make every element of our approach to mailing as sustainable as possible, from reducing the plastic content of our products to ensuring that every mailing item can be recycled.

Some of our environmentally friendly practices include:

  • Using fully compostable potato starch polyethene
  • Fully recycled paper stocks for envelopes and inserts
  • Sourcing our paper from certified sustainable forests
  • Using vegetable and water-based inks instead of oil-based alternatives

We’re proudly certified as an environmentally conscious company with the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification. This shows our commitment to reducing our overall environmental impact, by making our production processes as green as possible.

It also demonstrates how we actively encourage more improvement in terms of our own eco-friendliness, showing how we will continue to innovate out environmental policies. The certification also recognises our efforts towards monitoring and reducing spills, wastage and excess production.

Our modern, efficient site is solar powered, with intelligent lighting and heating throughout. When it comes to managing our excess and waste product, we send around 0.01% of our materials to landfill each year.

Our site is equipped with cutting edge technology, tested for efficiency to help us keep our production line green. We’re also something of a ‘one stop shop’, meaning that many of our practices are carried out on site, which helps to keep our carbon footprint low.

We’re also keen to offer our customers the best products available, and we’d never compromise on quality. Our recyclable, sustainable stock is sourced at a fair cost, guaranteeing value as well as an environmentally friendly product. Our 100% chemical-free inks and print process is further testament to our commitment to the environment, and we also pay for responsible recycling on used ink cartridges — even where the manufacturer might approve of them going to landfill otherwise!

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