8 B2B Direct Mail Best Practices

To create a successful direct mail marketing campaign, you must do your research.  Your campaign must be well thought out and with your targeted customer at the heart.

Consider all data on your audience and what is relevant to them, as well as the B2B direct mail best practices.

Benefits Of Direct Mail

Set yourself a goal of how many responses you expect to hear back and keep it precise. This way, you can analyse exactly where you have succeeded in utilising the B2B direct mail best practices in the time frame placed. However, keep in mind that you must be able to measure the goal and ensure it is achievable. With the above in mind, follow our simple eight step approach to creating an effective direct mail campaign.

B2B Direct Mail Best Practices

1) Start with your direct mail data

Similar to other marketing campaigns, prioritise your targeted customer database and adopt a data first approach. Ensure it is clean, up-to-date and segmented into like-minded groups. For example, this information can be taken from your company’s CRM to find the most relevant audience, based on where they live, how much they are likely to spend and how often they would buy your products or services. Once you have your targeted customers to hand, you can begin with step two and start creating your journey and building your direct mail campaign.

2) Develop your direct mail journey

Create the best possible B2B direct mail campaign for your targeted customers.  This journey may include both online and offline calls-to-action for your audience. Make sure the audience, or even individual, has the best possible chance to increase their engagement with you and respond well to your targeted emails. By doing this, you will begin to see, and understand, how your direct mail campaign works and realise the B2B direct mail best practices.

3) Perfect the design of your direct mail campaign

Provide the best and most appropriate artwork possible for your targeted customers and, remember, personalisation is key. Work with your Direct Mail Printer and ensure your artwork is suited to the type of presses and software used for your B2B direct mail campaign. The printing industry is awash with acronyms and terminology, but it is there for a reason. Having an expert that can help you through and build a successful business campaign in the process is invaluable.

4) Personalise your Direct Mail Campaign

Your targeted customers are not always the same and personalisation is one of B2B direct mail best practices. As your audience is unique, it’s more precise and, equally, benefits you to target the exact individual, even if this only means addressing the emails directly to them. If you create your direct mail campaign with personalisation in mind, you should begin to see an increase in response and engagement rates. Use all available information from your CRM and various other tools, as well as external sources, to personalise the campaign experience. See to it that you do this where appropriate and where you can, ultimately, test the difference. At WDM, we provide a personalised direct mail service that enables you to treat each customer in an individual way.

5) Time your direct mail campaign right

Timing is, arguably, the most important element in your direct mail campaign. The weather, bank holidays, open hours, busy schedules; they all affect your audience engagement.  You can’t always ensure you reach out to your targeted customers at exactly the right time. However, you can connect with your audience at the correct medium of time if you do your research, know your customer’s habits. For example, take a look at these 16 case studies to improve your direct mail campaign.

6) Integrate your direct mail with other parallel marketing

An integral part of B2B direct mail best practices is keeping all of your marketing consistent. Your direct mail campaign should fit perfectly with your branding and become a part of your overall marketing campaign. Integrating your B2B direct mail campaign with other channels-to-market is one of the most efficient things you can do to improve overall campaign engagement and, therefore, response levels. By running your direct mail in parallel with other marketing, it helps to create a ‘halo’ effect of increased awareness of the promotion. However, at various times of the year, it is possible to apply changes to your direct mail campaign. Doing so can keep your look fresh and encourage targeted customer engagement.

7) Always encourage engagement

Always ensure your emails are interactive and ask the audience to do something. The Geordies have a saying: “shy bairns, get nowt”, and it’s, ultimately, true.  If you don’t ask your targeted customers to do something for your brand, don’t be surprised when they don’t. At the same time, keep in mind not to create a complicated question for them as this could lead to less encouragement – they may not know what you are asking of them. One clear call to action is often enough.

8) Always measure your Direct Mail success

Remember, measure, measure, measure. Always analyse and measure your direct mail campaigns and compare it with what you planned/hoped on achieving. Estimate KPIs and what you would like to see from your campaign. Build into every direct mail a method, or methods, to measure and understand the targeted customer responses. Look at the metrics of your campaign, including targeted customer size, cost per mailing (CPM), response and conversion rates, the number of buyers and their average revenue, as well as the total campaign budget and the profit generated. Only by measuring what happens can you optimise and improve your campaigns.

Direct mail can have an enormous impact on your company and can yield excellent results, but 90% of its effectiveness is ensured by utilising the B2B direct mail best practices. Make certain to plan and build the most effective direct mail campaign possible. Create your journey based on the data you have researched and taken from your CRM, timing, emails, personalisation and, most of all, understanding your audience and what their journey might be.

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